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Incentive, Meeting, Event - What exactely is that?



A meeting can be a number of things: A convention, a small gathering or a Workshop - all of these fall under the category of "Meeting". 

Often meetings are about the Transfer of Information and to prepare the participants for something new. That might sound rather dry and monotonous, however it is possible to create an informative yet inspiring Meeting out of it. 

For example, have you ever thought about using an extraordinary Location? Or what about an active break with a short sporting session? Even a Little cheese tasting might be an interesting form of disruption. We gathered experience through planning numerous Events and especially these meetings were most memerable. 

Or check out other example of our Meetings:

Auftaktveranstaltung in Hamburg


Incentives are used to push and motivate the employees of your Company. In the broadest sense incentives are stimulus to improve and support employees.

Incentives are a good method to strenghten productivity, therefore raise turnover and overall influence the company positively.

We have a lot of experience with the organization of Incentives, see for yourself:


Is the Office Christmas Party an event? Or the annual company outing with 20 persons?

We say YES. Every incident, where multiple people gather to celebrate something, is an event. We cater for everyones needs, no matter if it's for smaller or larger groups.

It is essential to build an emotional connection between the event and the guests to make is memorable.

See for yourself, if we were successful with that during these previous Events: